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This tool tries to be the most customizable and most flexible text writing and programming environment. MS' Visual tools are too monolithic and not too well general, robust applications. Eclipse is Java based (a bit 'slow'), and the support for non-Java languages is not as good as in the case of Java. KDevelop is a bit 'hacky' tool. Although it contain many tools, but they aren't connected well. There are many bugs in this app. I would like to create a small, flexible core for my application, which can connect to various plugins. These plugins could be tools, lexical analizers, filters, layers in the editing buffer. Den will have theme support to make it easy to choose between the large number of working modes. The code should be not totally started from scratch. I would like to commit Freddy's sources first as an initial version and then refactor it to be more robust and flexible. The reason I would like to change the old name is that I feel that Freddy is not as good name as Den, and the beginning of the reorganization could be a good time to change name.
Summary Den - THe ENvironment for you
Category construction
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) ferenk


An IDE which has a extendable core and a flexible, layer-based code editor. By default the application can be used as a simple ascii text editor but it can be easily switched to IDE mode. The previous version of this tool was 'Freddy' (freddy.sf.net).